Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Princess Sugar Pie presses the "Easy Button" at Staples! Now,"That Was Easy"!

Dear Friends and Fans of Princess Sugar Pie,

I just wish that having my yearly vaccinations were "That Easy" when I press the "Easy Button" at Staples! Last week, on Monday August 3rd, My Daddy took me to have my yearly vaccinations. Everything seemed to be going Ok until late Tuesday Night and Early Wednesday Morning when my Daddy noticed that I felt rather hot to the touch. My paw pads and ears were burning up with fever when Daddy touched them causing him to be very concerned. When I kissed him, he noticed that my tongue felt very hot too. As soon as Dr. Dennis's "Animal Clinic" opened up, Daddy made a call to them about my condition. When Daddy told Patsy that I was having a possible allergic reaction to my shots, she told him to bring me over to the "Animal Clinic" ASAP.

When I arrived there, I didn't have to wait to be treated. Dr. lynne took my temperature and it was 106.7 degrees which is extremely high for a feline which normally runs around 102.5 degrees. Dr. Lynn immediately started me on an "IV" to hydrate me then she gave me a shot of "Rimadyl" to counter react my allergic reaction. It was good that my Daddy noticed how I felt because I probably would have died. It is imperative that all Human Daddy's and Mommy's watch their Baby Cats closely after they get their yearly vaccinations, just in case the Cat's have an allergic reaction. If your cat has an allergic reaction, seek immediate medical treatment from your veterinarian. Also, make sure your veterinarian "Pre Treats" your cat on their next vaccination so they won't have another allergic reaction. Note: cats can have an allergic reaction to their shots at any time even if that hasn't happened before so observe your cat closely Ok.

Even though, I was feeling much better, I still wasn't out of the woods yet. My Daddy had to take me back to see Dr. Dennis on Tuesday, August the 11th for more treatment because I was nauseated and my bowels weren't functioning right. Dr. Dennis gave me a shot of "Reglin" to calm my stomach and also gave me some liquid medicine to calm my bowels. I don't like the liquid medicine called "Flagyl" very much because it makes me drool and the taste isn't that great either but I have to take it in order to get well. It is now 11pm on Wednesday night and I'm doing so much better thanks to my Human Daddy for loving and caring about me so much. I want to thank my Dr.Dennis and his staff for giving me such wonderful care. I also want to thank my many adoring Friends and Fans that have wished me a speedy recovery. I'm just so glad that this difficult ordeal is over. My Daddy says that he and I still have lots of good deeds to do on this earth before our time comes. I want to remind you again to observe your cat closely after they have their yearly vaccinations. Well, I'd better go take my nightly nap now. Until next time, Ciao, Meow and bye Yeow.

Love and Purrs,

Princess Sugar Pie