Thursday, January 29, 2009

The results of Princess Sugar Pie's photo shoot!

Dear Feline fans and Friends,

I had my photo shoot yesterday at Tim Burke's "Old Time Photo" and everything went well. Tim wanted to take some pictures of me,in costume,to show at a "Old Time" Professional Photographer's Convention that is coming up in Las Vegas. We were all pleased that the photos turned out so well. Tim and his girlfriend Carrie have a cat that is not very calm when it comes to photo shoots, so that is why they picked me. He has seen my work and the way that I pose for pictures for my owner/trainer. Tim plans to give my owner/trainer Jim some wonderful photos along with a couple of CD's. That can come in handy for publicity photos in Advertising, TV etc. Jim will give Tim a couple of my newest photos that Jim took a couple of weeks ago when we pick up the 2 picture CD's today. Until next time, Ciao, Meow and Bye Yeow!

Love and Purrs,

Princess Sugar Pie

Note: I later found out that Tim won first place with a "Blue Ribbon" which will give him the recognition that he deserves at the "Old Time Photo Convention" in Las Vegas. His "Award Winning Photo" that was taken of me was "little Cowgirl" sitting on her Western Saddle!

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  1. Dear Friends and Fans of Princess Sugar Pie,

    Tim Burke won First Place for Princess Sugar Pie's photo "Little Cowgirl" sitting on Western Saddle that he entered in the Old Time Photo convention's professional protographer's contest that was held this past February in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Tim for his wonderful photo and also congratulations to Princess Sugar Pie for her being such a wonderful model during Tim's photoshoot!Ciao,Meow and Bye Yeow!

    Love and Purrs,

    Jim & Princess Sugar Pie