Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stan Brock, founder of "Remote Area Medical" and co-star of "Wild Kingdom" holds Princess Sugar Pie - Famous Therapy and Show Cat!

Dear Friends and Fans of Princess Sugar Pie,

On Sunday March the 15th, Princess Sugar Pie and I traveled over to Pigeon Forge High School where Stan Brock and his wonderful group of volunteers were holding a free medical clinic for people who can't afford proper medical care or are under insured.Stan founded "Remote Area Medical" back in 1985 and he and his volunteers provide free medical treatment, eye care and dental care to those who can't afford it. He and his RAM volunteers also travel to remote parts of the World to provide medical care. He usually flies the group to remote areas in a restored 1940's C47, or what is also known as the civilian version of the DC-3. Stan also has Veterinarian Volunteer's that help Spay and Neuter Pet's whose owners can't afford to have that done. Prior to his founding RAM, Stan Brock managed a big cattle operation and before that, he was well known for helping Marlin Perkins produce and co-star in Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom. One of Stan's Co-Stars was Jim Fowler. Please click on my blog's title to get to Stan Brock's "Remote Area Medical Foundation's" website! It is a very interesting about Stan and his foundation.

Back in the 1970's when I was a teenager, I first met Stan at the Gatlinburg Airport where he was promoting his Movie "The Forgotten Wilderness" while giving free flying lessions. I had my picture taken with Stan as part of the Movie's promotion where he was signing my flight log book. We were supposed to have a "Ocelot" which is a Wildcat that is native to the Southwest and parts of Central and South America as part of the photo shoot, but Peggy Roberts, who was the Airport Manager at the time, also had her Irish Setter there too. When Peggy's dog started circling Stan's airport rental car while barking, it upset the Ocelot so much that it shredded the back of the front seat from inside it's cage in Stan's car. The Wildcat was so upset that we couldn't have him in the photo shoot. Peggy, Stan, my folk's, me and other's couldn't help but laugh before the photo shoot took place. I never knew that such a small wildcat could do so much damage.

I think that helped me to later decide to work as a National Park Ranger in "Visitor Protection" and "Resource Management" which I did for over 10 years. I worked with Wild Animals of all kinds while while working in my different "duty stations". I would have continued working for the "USNPS" and probably would have been retired if they had only put me on "Permanent Duty" status. I will always miss that profession that i still love. Well, I just had to tell that story.

I'm planning on volunteering myself and Princess Sugar Pie as one of Remote Area Medical's volunteer's. Princess Sugar Pie will make a great Spokscat for their "Spay and Neuter" program. Well, Thank you Stan and all of your volunteer's for all you do. Also, thank you Princess Sugar Pie too. Y'all spread so much happiness and love to so many. Until next time, Ciao, Meow and Bye Yeow!

Love and Purrs,

Jim & Princess Sugar Pie

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