Sunday, May 10, 2009

Princess Sugar Pie enjoys Free Cone Day 2009 at Ben & Jerry's.

Dear Friends and Fans of Princess Sugar Pie,

On Tuesday, April the 21st, my owner/trainer and I visited Ben & Jerry's Tanger-Five Oaks Sevierville location, during their Free Cone Day celebration. While there, I was seen tasting some Ben & Jerry's whipped cream out of a cup, which I really enjoyed. I want to Thank the staff at Ben & Jerry's for giving me such a warm welcome. I enjoyed meeting them and meeting my many new Friends and Fans there too. They had 1,000 customers stop by for a free ice cream cone which was really something. You will be able to see my picture plus other pictures of Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day when you visit Ben & Jerry's Facebook by clicking the above link. I had a wonderful time at Ben & Jerry's. Got to go finish taking my morning nap. Until next time, Ciao, Meow and Bye Yeow.

Love and Purrs,

Princess Sugar Pie

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