Monday, May 25, 2009

Knoxville's WVLT TV8's CBS Station reran Princess Sugar Pie's "Tennessee Traveler" series with Alan Williams tonight on 6pm news.

Dear Friends and Fans of Princess Sugar Pie,

I wasn't expecting this, but Knoxville's CBS station; WVLT TV8, reran the Alan Williams interview with me and my Human Daddy called "Therapy Cat" tonight on the 6pm news. It caught us all by surprise at our household. I guess that Alan Williams really took a shine to me when he interviewed me back in March of 2008. Alan is sweet on me. I love you too Alan. If you were here, I would give you a Kissy and Huggy. I was so glad that we had channel 8 news on at the time the rerun took place. I even watched the rerun myself while I sat in my Human Daddy's lap. Thank you Alan and all your staff at WVLT TV8 for giving me a chance to have my first, ever, TV interview. I still can't get over that this was my 3rd time on the "Tennessee Traveler" series. Y'all are a real swell bunch over at Channel 8. Well, I'd better go back to bed now and take a long nightly cat nap. Until next time, Ciao, Meow and Bye Yeow.

Love and Purrs,

Princess sugar Pie

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  1. Many congrats to you Princess Sugar Pie. You deserve this for all your good works. Enjoy your cat nap and take care of yourself. Purrs and hugs :)