Tuesday, June 30, 2009

See Starling named "Baby Bird" speak out about "Dolly Parton" on the "Tennessee Traveler"!

Sorry the video is no longer available!

Sandy Richardson is a good friend of Princess Sugar Pie and Me! Sandy's cat named "Baby Bug Miller" won "1st Place" and "Best Cat" in the 2009 "Tennessee Valley CFA" Cat Show's "Household Pet" division. Princess Sugar Pie won "1st Place" and "Best Cat" for 2008. I was glad that "Baby Bug" won because she is blind!

Yesterday, on July 1st, Princess Sugar Pie and I traveled to the Seymour Veterinary Clinic to see "Sandy" and meet "Baby Bird". We really enjoyed our visit there meeting all the staff and the 5 veterinarians there. Princess Sugar Pie made many Adoring New Fans there when she performed her "Cat Trick's routine. However, Baby Bird wasn't in a talkative mood and Princess Sugar Pie hissed at Sandy and Baby Bird when their pictures were made together. Oh well!Sometimes things don't work as planned! Well, I'd better go take a cat nap! Until next time, Ciao, Meow and bye Yeow!

Love and Purrs,

Princess Sugar Pie

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